The current plan, or Plan A.

My current curriculum for two 3 year olds (one of whom isn’t mine and comes to our home once weekly for a morning co-op like situation) is Before Five in a Row, utilizing the manual for book selections and some lessons. I round out our study using lessons from various sources and enhance learning by choosing books that compliment the theme. I gather ideas from teacher manuals for Kindergarten at my local library, Pinterest, free websites and museums. So far, this has worked beautifully. Since the girls are so young, there is no real need for formal structured learning, so some days we start with a plan and end up going in a completely different direction based upon their interests. The goal is to walk away from each lesson having had fun and if I’m lucky, maybe had a nugget of info stored away in their little minds. The best days are the ones that they remember every lesson and talk about them even days later.

My goal with this blog is to track what we’ve done and my sources and lessons. Feel free to use whatever lessons you find interesting, but all pictures are my property and are not to be copied or used in any fashion.