The Home Library

I’ll keep this updated as we add references, but this is my running list of what awesome references we have on our home library shelves. It does not include storybooks, because that would be ridiculous to try and catalog.  I do keep track of what realted storybooks we use for each unit, and you can look through the booklists here.  Many of these were gifts, or found at library book sales, and lots are awesome Usborne references that we use daily.  I find that the Picturepedia is used every day (it is a BIG book), while our Usborne books are awesome when we are looking for something more subject-specific. Each image is linked to a retailer where you can purchase your own for your home library. As we progress through more subject-specific units or I find a need for other reference books (or just find a good deal) I’ll add those too. I may or may not be a children’s book hoarder. And by that I mean I am a children’s book hoarder.
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Curriculum Materials










[Full disclosure: No one has paid me to list these, but I am an Usborne consultant because the books are THAT GOOD and I like a discount.]