South America resource list

We just wrapped up our South America Unit and I remembered to better document the books, movies, CDs, shows, poems and resources we used so I could share them. Some of the movies are really just for fun.**  We had a heavy focus on the Amazon rainforest as we completed a project on the layers of the rainforest for a Literacy Fair on our last day of the unit. My kindergartener chose a Jaguar as her animal profile report so there are many resources on that as well. These resources are in addition to the books included in the Build Your Library- Kindergarten as assigned reads (though some of those are included here as well) and I’ve only listed those we utilized- there are many, many more out there.

I also utilized this blog’s resource list when we had some extra time, she has a pretty comprehensive list of streaming resources as well:


  • Up and Down the Andes: a Peruvian Festival Tale
  • We’re Roaming in the Rainforest: an Amazon adventure
  • The Wonder Garden: wander through 5 habitats to discover 80 amazing animals
  • My Mama’s Little Ranch on the Pampas
  • On the Pampas
  • Tales Our Abuelitas Told- A Hispanic Folktale Collection
  • Victoria Goes to Brazil
  • The Jaguar: help save this endangered species!
  • Jaguars (by Cooper)
  • Jaguars (by Otfinoski)
  • Jaguars (by Murray)
  • Numeralia
  • Poison Dart Frogs
  • Toucans
  • The Amazon (by Jackson; Eyewitness Book)
  • Amazon Alphabet
  • Biblioburro: a true story from Columbia
  • The Cazuela that the Farm Maiden Stirred (with CD)
  • Pablo Neruda: poet of the people
  • A Pen Pal for Max
  • Peru (MOR)
  • The Rainforest Grew All Around
  • Verdi
  • The Great Kapok Tree (literacy project book)


Audio CDs

  • Latin Playground
  • Brazilian Playground



  • Ode to My Socks by Pablo Neruda
  • Bird by Pablo Neruda


TV Shows

  • Magic School Bus, Season 3 episode 11: “In the Rain Forest”
  • Mouk, episode 8, “Whoops, We Missed the Bus”: Peru
  • Mouk, episode 11, “The Stick that Walked Away”: Venezuela
  • Mouk, episode 15, “Goal”: Brasil
  • Mouk, episode 20, “Pink Dolphin”: Venezuela
  • Mouk, episode 25, “Yee Ha Cowboy”: Argentina
  • Mouk, episode 28, “Above the Trees”: Venezuela
  • Mouk, episode 34, “Nazca”: Peru
  • Mouk, episode 35, “The Cloud Catcher”: Chile
  • Mouk, episode 46, “Bossanova”: Brasil
  • Mouk, episode 50, “Instruments Do Grow on Trees!”: Venezuela
  • Mouk, episode 52, “The Parrot Feather”: Venezuela
  • Kratts Creatures, season 1 episode 9: “Under the Canopy”


Short Films

  • New Dimensions Media:
    • Brazil
    • Peru
    • Argentina
    • River Ecosystems/Rainforest adaptations
    • Argentina: Frederico in Argentina
    • Brazil: Breno and the Dolphins
    • Brazil: Paulhino and the Alligators
    • Peru: Justina and her Llama
    • Argentina: Rosario in Argentina
  • Tropical Rainforest
  • Continents of the World, episode 7: “South America”
  • Children of the World, episode 8: “Children of the Andes”
  • Families of the World, Season 1, episode 3: “Brazil”
  • Wild South America (a season of episodes)



  • Planet Earth: Jungles
  • Rio
  • Rio 2

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