Today we did a quick one day study of Rainbows! Inspired by some Skittles, I threw together this afternoon unit using mostly library books we had checked out and not yet read. (That happens when you check out 60 books at a time!)

They started by watching the read-aloud version of “A Rainbow of My Own” by Don Freeman and talking about the watercolor-like pencil illustrations while I arranged our Skittles on a white plate.

Next, we talked about the color wheel using our Big Book of Colors and learned about prisms. I read All the Colors of the Rainbow, which we had found at the library, and we made observations about the order of the colors in a rainbow. I showed them the ROYGBIV acronym, which they found hilarious, and we arranged crayons in rainbow order. I brought out our Skittles and we slowly poured hot water around the edges. We watched as the color dye bled toward the middle and noticed what colors were made when they began to mix. We’ve done this before, but it hasn’t lost its magic!

We explored color mixing using our rainbow glitter blocks by holding them up to the light, which we’ve done before in the natural course of play, but discovered a more intentional play with them through this lesson. (I can’t wait for our light tablet to arrive!)

I had previously purchased rainbow art scratch paper, which is always fun. Unfortunately, we seem to have lost the included scratchers and only had one to share between the girls, but they did a lovely job of taking turns. They had a good time discovering the colors underneath the black and talking about things that could be made out of rainbows (rocks and surfboards, apparently). They especially liked practicing writing letters on this paper as it makes each letter a rainbow.


We concluded by watching one of our favorite rainbow songs and I read another book aloud while they finished up their scratch art. I love our library, and this story was a gem- a perfect fiction story to end our afternoon! We loved the tie-in of days of the week and our five senses and the illustrations are just beautiful.  Enjoy!


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