Each unit focuses on one book, with a related subject study to enhance the story. I catalog what references and stories we use for each unit and then provide a list using the cover images that are linked (mostly just to Amazon) so that you can add them to your library too. In general, I will purchase the book that is the curriculum focus (as required by the Before Five in a Row curriculum we follow) because we read it every day and either pull the rest from our own home library or check out books from our local branch and utilize the inter-library loan program, too. I will note that while Before Five in a Row contains some Christian elements, we follow a secular study plan and those lessons are very easy to skip/exclude (or include, if you are so inclined!) which is just another reason why I love the easy nature of BFIAR. I’m not paid by anyone to list the books, but in the spirit of full disclosure I am an Usborne consultant so we use a lot of Usborne books.  Look for the image below to mark a Booklist post, or you can browse through the Booklist category or tag.